LIDDON, Henry Parry. 16050



Autograph Letter Signed, to Edgar Jacob, responding the state of church affairs in Natal revealed in a letter by his correspondent’s brother, referring to the challenge facing the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and the “Erastianism & Infidelity” of the ecclesiastical authorities there. 6 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, partial staining, otherwise good. Brislington, near Bristol, 28 June 1866. H.P.Liddon (1829-90), Anglican High Churchman. In 1866 he delivered his Bampton Lectures on the doctrine of the divinity of Christ. “… Natal is not the first scene of self-sacrifice and suffering, consecrated to the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We must indeed pray that the believing Clergy and Laity of that Diocese may be strengthened to rise to the height of their duty to Our Lord & Saviour. Meanwhile, among other things, your brother’s letter shows how greatly the S.P.G. ‘wants looking after’; and I hope that before long some definite issue shall be raised which shall force the Secretary & the Standing Committee to adopt a more Xtian and courageous line in South Africa.”