EVERETT, Alexander Hill. 15796



Autograph Letter Signed, to James Batchelder, Saco, Maine, thanking him for his communication, discussing unsatisfactory proceedings described in the newspapers, recommending public meetings, informing him that he will probably send as agent to Washington to prevent the transfer, and emphasising the ‘danger to the State from the running of a military road across the territory, and the erection of a strong fortress on the rock of Madawalken (?)’. 1 page 10 x 8 inches, with final sentence and signature overleaf. Minor defects, clean tear at fold, but of good appearance. Boston, 15 March 1832. A.H.Everett (b.Boston 1790; d.Canton, China 1847), diplomat and editor of the North American Review (1830-35). ‘In time of war your whole state and with it the approach to all the rest of New-England would be at the mercy of the enemy.’