CONDE, Louis V Joseph de Bourbon-Condé, Prince de. 19942



Letter Signed ‘Louis Joseph de Bourbon’, while in the service of Tsar Pail I, addressed ‘Monsieur’, asking him to place before the King the accompanying “memoires” [not present] about promotions, etc., and the award of the Cross of St. Louis to officers including Chandos, currently stationed at Petersbourg. In French. 1 page 9 x 7 inches, remains of guard where formerly mounted. A Dubne [Poland] 2/13 April 1798. Louis Joseph de Bourbon (1736 – 1818) was Prince of Condé from 1740 to his death. A member of the House of Bourbon, he held the prestigious rank of Prince du Sang. The Prince de Condé entered with his corps into English pay in 1795. In 1796, the army fought in Swabia. In 1797, Austria signed the Treaty of Campo Formio with the First French Republic, formally ending its hostilities against the French. With the loss of its closest allies, the army transferred into the service of the Russian tsar, Paul I and was stationed in Poland, returning in 1799 to the Rhine under Alexander Suvorov. In 1800 when Russia left the Allied coalition, the army re-entered English service and fought in Bavaria.