BERTRAND DE MOLLEVILLE, Antoine François. 18175



Autograph Letter Signed, interested in his correspondent’s manuscript, doubting whether many copies would e sold if published in France, discussing the possibility of an English translation, predicting low sales among the emigres, etc. In French. 1 page 8 x 6 inches, toned overall, edges a little ragged. London, 3 April 1796. Comte Antoine François Bertrand de Molleville (1744-1818), French politician. He was considered a fiery partisan of royalty, and surnamed the enfant terrible of the monarchy. He was first conseiller to the Parlement de Toulouse in 1766, then maîtres des requêtes in 1774 and finally Intendant de Bretagne, in 1784. Bertrand de Molleville was then charged in 1788 with the difficult task of dissolving the Parliament of Brittany. Favourable to the gathering of the estates general in 1789, he advised Louis XVI after the dissolution of the Assemblée. Made ministre de la Marine et des Colonies from 1790 to 1792, he organised the mass emigration of officers. Due to numerous denunciations, he retired from his functions and became chief of the royal secret police. Before and after the 10 August 1792, he tried to organise an escape for the king, but he was eventually forced to resolve to flee to England himself.