ARNOTT, Neil. 18534



Autograph Letter Signed, to John Bethell, about a missed meeting with “Mr. Knight (to whom I had sent the paper stating your opinions)”. A good one page example, 8 x 5 inches, with address panel. Undated. Neil Arnott (1788-1874), Scottish physician and natural philosopher, inventor of a smokeless stove called Arnott’s Stove, and other contraptions. In 1807, and again in 1810, he sailed to China as a surgeon in the East India Company‘s service. He was the author of several works, bearing on physical science or its applications, the most important being his Elements of physics (1827), which went through six editions in his lifetime. In 1838 he published a treatise on warming and ventilating, and in 1855, one on the smokeless fireplace.