SHEIL, Richard Lalor. 7303



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Richard Sheil’, about a Sketches of the Irish Bar article. 1 page 9 x 7 inches, remains of adhesive along left margin where formerly mounted. Dublin, 10 January [watermarked 1822]. “I have finished another Number of the Sketches of The Irish Bar article “Calamities at the Bar”. It will run to 20 pages I think; so you must reserve room for me…” Richard Lalor Sheil (1791-1851), Irish dramatist and politician, aided O’Connell with impassioned speeches until the granting of Catholic emancipation (1829), then fought for the repeal of the union of Great Britain and Ireland. Master of the Mint (1846-50). His well-known Sketches of the Irish Bar were contributed to the New Monthly Magazine in a series that extended over several years, and were republished after his death under the title, Sketches Legal and Political.