MILLINGEN, James. 18913



Autograph Letter Signed, to Thomas Thomas, 221 Oxford Street, taking “the liberty of troubling you with some more books”. 1 page 7 x 4 inches, with the address leaf. 3 Old Cavendish Street, 4 July 1825. James Millingen (1774 – 1845), Dutch-English archaeologist, now known as a numismatist. Late in 1792 Millingen was arrested as a British subject by a decree of the National Convention, and confined first in the prison of the Madelonettes, then in that of the Luxembourg, and finally in the Collège des Écossais, where he remained until released after the Thermidorian Reaction in July 1794. He compiled works on coins, medals, Etruscan vases, writing in French and Italian. He bought antiquities, and supplied most of the major museums of Europe with specimens of ancient art.