MARS, Anne-François-Hipployte. 14733



Autograph Letter Signed, to Jouslin de La Salle, Director of the Theatre-Français, about suitable sets for this evening’s performance of La Coquette. In French. 2 pp. 5 x 3½ inches, address panel, in good condition. Paris, Saturday [c.1834]. Anne-François-Hippolyte Mars (1779-1847), “Mademoiselle Mars”, French actress. Molière, Marivaux, Michel-Jean Sedaine, and Pierre Beaumarchais had no more accomplished interpreter, and in her career of half a century, besides many comedy roles of the older repertoire, she created fully a hundred parts in plays which owed success largely to her. In this letter she writes that they were all agreed at the rehearsal that the large salon for Le Misanthrope was too big for La Coquette and that the set for L’Ambitieux would be more suitable. She asks whether it would be possible to use it this evening. Jouslin was Director from 1830-34, Scribe’s comedy, L’Ambitieux, was first given on 27 November 1834, and Mademoiselle Mars made her reappearance at the theatre on 2 December. Lanou’s La Coquette Corrigée dates from 1756.