CLIFFORD, Lucy. 20382



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Lucy Clifford’, to Mrs. Rossetti, arranging a meeting, and inviting her and Mr. Rossetti to a tea party. 1 page 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. Endorsed by W.M.Rossetti on verso: The novelist Lucy Clifford. 26 Colville Road, Bayswater, undated. Lucy Clifford (1846 –1929), better known as Mrs. W. K. Clifford, English novelist, playwright and journalist. She earned a prominent place in English literary life as a novelist, and later as a dramatist. Her best-known story, Mrs . Keith’s Crime (1885), centres on euthanasia. It was followed by several other volumes, such as Aunt Anne (1892). She also wrote The Last Touches and Other Stories (1892) and Mere Stories (1896), and several plays between 1898 and 1925. She is perhaps most often remembered as the author of The Anyhow Stories, Moral and Otherwise (1882), a collection of stories she had written for her own children.