FOWLER, Thomas. 4996



Autograph Letter Signed, congratulating an undergraduate on his high place in the Examination, and suggesting that “you are, I think, made for a soldier”. 1 page 7 x 4½ inches, in good condition. Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 9 November 1901. Thomas Fowler (1832-1904), philosopher and college head. His works included Elements of Deductive Logic (1867) and Elements of Inductive Logic (1870), which followed the lines of Mill’s Logic and were much used as textbooks, editions of Bacon’s Novum organum (1878) and Locke’s Conduct of the Understanding (1881), as well as monographs on Locke (notable for the historical setting of philosophical ideas), Bacon, and Shaftesbury and Hutcheson (1882). His Progressive Morality (1884) is a short, popular work. The Principles of Morals, a more technical work, was published in two parts (1886, 1887). [ODNB]