CATTON, Thomas, and St. John’s College Cambridge. 14799



Manuscript certificate of residence at the College, for G.Lee Warner, signed by Thomas Catton as “Senior Fellow, The Master and President being absent”, addressed to Geo: Harris (one of the Trustees at Rugby School). Signed also by Richard Gwatkin, Deputy Tutor. 1 page 8 x 6 inches, in good condition, with the address leaf and red wax seal. St. John’s College, Cambridge, 22 May 1824. The uncommon signature of Thomas Catton (1760-1838), astronomer. The data he collected from the College observatory (on one of the towers) was collected and printed by Sir George Airy with the title Astronomical Observations made by the Rev. Thomas Catton, B.D. Catton was one of the earliest members of the Royal Astronomical Society.