PEACOCK, George. 14762



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mr. Robson, Newmarket, congratulating him “on your son’s being in the first class, a very great honour when the number & great ability of the competitors is considered”, praising the boy’s application to his studies. 1½ pages 9 x 7 inches, in good condition, with the address leaf. University Club, London, 11 June 1821. George Peacock (1791-1858), Lecturer in Mathematics, Lowndean Professor of Astronomy (1836-38). The year after taking a Fellowship, Peacock was appointed a tutor and lecturer at Trinity, Cambridge, which position he continued to hold for many years. Peacock, in common with many other students of his own standing, was profoundly impressed with the need of reforming Cambridge’s position ignoring the differential notation for calculus, and while still an undergraduate formed a league with Babbage and Herschel to adopt measures to bring it about. In 1815 they formed what they called the Analytical Society.