TINAYRE, Marcelle. 15458



The original Autograph Statement Signed “Marcelle Tinayre”, about Peace, for inclusion in the anthology Pax Mundi, Livre D’or De La Paix. In French (with separate translation) on card, folio, in fine condition. Undated [c.1928]. “Let us be strong enough to be peaceable. There would be no more wars if strength worked in the service of right.” [translation] Marcelle Marguerite Suzanne Tinayre (1870-1948), French woman of letters and prolific author. This presentation statement was prepared for publication in the famous anthology Pax Mundi. Livre D’or De La Paix (Geneva, 1932), which contained numerous autograph facsimile statements about the prospects for World Peace. It was prepared by the World League for Peace with the approval of the League of Nations.