SALE-BARKER, Lucy. 20598



Autograph Letter Signed, confirming that Messrs Routledge would send a cheque for the “Magic Spectacles”, her correspondent’s contribution to the Magazine. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine. 22 Peak Hill Gardens, Sydenham, 6 January, no year given. Lucy Elizabeth Drummond Sale-Barker (1841-1892), née Davies, known also by her first married name Lucy Villiers was a British children’s writer. She began her literary career with occasional articles for Dublin University Magazine and St James’s Magazine, and about 1872 began to write regularly for children. Between 1874 and 1888 she published more than forty volumes for juvenile readers. Many of her stories were initially composed for her own children. Some of her publications bore such titles as Little Bright Eyes’ Picture Book and Little Golden Locks’ Story Book. She edited Little Wide-Awake, a magazine for children, from its commencement in 1874 until her death, and wrote the verses for Kate Greenaway’s popular Birthday Book for Children (1880).