PALMES, Lieutenant-General Francis, & ST. JOHN, Rt. Hon. Henry. 17358



Original Bill, submitted by Francis Palmes and signed by him, for the reimbursement of payments for “postage of letters, pacquets & other Expresses; Intelligence of all sorts, translating papers; pens, ink paper, Gazetts, & other Stationary Ware”, together with his travel expenses “For his Journey from Vienna to London, which he undertook at the instance of the Earl of Peterborow for Her Matie’s Immediate Service”. Countersigned, with extensive commentary, by Henry St. John. 2 pp. 11½ x 7 inches, in good condition. With the integral blank leaf. Whitehall, 5 April 1712. Lieutenant-General Francis Palmes (d.1719), noted favourite general of the Duke of Marlborough. Palmes assumed command of his regiment at the Battle of Blenheim. Reports from the battle state that ‘hardly anyone was more instrumental to the success of that day’ than Palmes. From February 1708 Palmes travelled extensively, undertaking mission to the United Provinces, Hanover, Prussia, Vienna and Savoy in order to concert measures with the allies. He was promoted to lieutenant-general in the Army in 1709 and became envoy to Poland in 1718. Henry St John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke (1678 – 1751), English politician, government official and political philosopher.