OGDEN, Samuel. 17660



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Ogden’, to ‘Dear Ashton’ [possibly Thomas Ashton, friend of Horace Walpole], responding to Ashton’s order to write, and ‘ready to promise obedience & vigilance’. 1 page, 8 x 6 inches, in good condition. 31 January 1739/40. Samuel Ogden (1716-1778), classical scholar and orientalist, was the same age as Thomas Ashton. They both went up to Kings College Cambridge in 1733, and both were ordained. However, the connection is not entirely proven. ‘…I beg my Crimes may be imputed to their real Cause. Do not think that a sign of Disrespect, which ten to one is a Proof of nothing but my late rising. I have often been displeas’d with myself; but never with you. Tho’ I am almost angry at you now, for thinking me so. Dear Ashton, yours ever, Ogden.’