MILNER, Thomas. 20614



Autograph Signed Receipt for Seven Pounds Six Shillings from Mr. Cadell, being the balance on account, “at which Time there remained 232 Copies of my Pamphlet unsold in his Hands”, a reference to his only published work, ‘Experiments and Observations on Electricity’. 3 x 7 inches, in good condition. 15 May 1788. Rare. Thomas Milner M.D. (1719-1797). In 1783 he published in London ‘Experiments and Observations on Electricity,’ a work in which he described some of the effects which an electrical power is capable of producing on conducting substances, similar effects of the same power on electric bodies themselves, and observations on the air, electric repulsion, the electrified cup, and the analogy between electricity and magnetism. [ODNB]