KENEALY, Edward. 20330



Autograph Letter Signed [to Frederick Havill, the painter], wishing “to call on you for the picture, which you were good enough to repair”, the letter then used by Havill for his own draft letters to his clients, Monsignor Capel and Lord Shaftesbury. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. on writing paper with embossed arms titled Cenn Faelad. 6 Tavistock Square, 7 July 1876 Edward Vaughan Hyde Kenealy QC (1819-1880), Irish barrister and writer, best remembered as counsel for the Tichborne claimant and the eccentric and disturbed conduct of the trial that led to his ruin. In 1866, Kenealy wrote The Book of God: the Apocalypse of Adam-Oannes, an unorthodox theological work in which he claimed that he was the “twelfth messenger of God”, descended from Jesus Christ and Genghis Khan.