HOPE, Charles, Captain R.N. 16762



Letter Signed as Captain of HMS Tyne, to Lord Townshend, Senior Officer in the Pacific, informing him that “a considerable remittance will be shipped at this Port on board HM Ship under my command” and that will account for his delayed departure. 1 page 11 x 8 inches, minor blemishes, lower section toned, otherwise good. HM Ship Tyne, Islay [Peru], 12 August 1833. Rear-Admiral Charles Hope (1798-1854), second son of Charles Hope, Lord President of the Court of Session in Scotland, was Captain of HMS Tyne on the South American station, 1830-1834. On 2 January 1833 Charles Hope in HMS Tyne had arrived (and joined HMS Clio) at Port Egmont to reassert the British claim to sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, and demanded that the Argentine (or Buenos Ayres) flag be lowered.