CLINT, Alfred. 19971



Autograph Letter Signed, to T.W.Porter, promising a visit when “I get rid of the Exhibition pictures”, and discussing the cleaning of a picture. 4 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine. Upper Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, 3 February 1857. Uncommon. Alfred Clint (1807-1883), painter. He is best known as a marine painter, the subjects of his pictures taken chiefly from the English Channel, and especially from Jersey, Guernsey, and the coast of Sussex. They were very popular, and some of them have been engraved. Between 1828 and 1879 he contributed 402 works to the exhibitions of the Royal Academy, British Institution, and the Society of British Artists. He drew and etched the illustrations to George John Bennett’s Pedestrian’s Guide through North Wales, 1838, and in 1856 wrote Landscape from Nature, the second part of John Samuelson Templeton’s Guide to Oil Painting.