BULIFON, Antonio. 11232



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Antonio Bulifon’, providing details of his recent publications, including the Historia della casa Carafa in three volumes. In Italian. 1 page 10 x 7½ inches, spotted overall, otherwise in sound condition. Naples, October 1691. Rare. Antonio Bulifon (born in France 1649), French bookseller and printer in Naples. His publishing business produced history, lyric poetry, guidebooks, scientific and legal treatises, translations in both French and Italian, and collections of letters. One of his well known publications was a series dedicated to sixteenth-century women poets. Bulifon’s bookshop in Naples was a centre for the distribution of foreign journals and papers. His shop was destroyed during the Austrian invasion in 1707, and Bulifon himself died a few months later in exile in Spain.