BLANC, Louis. 14778



Autograph Letter Signed, to the Editor of the New Quarterly Review, sending “the new volume of my History of the French Revolution of which I forwarded you the previous volumes” and asking for the book to be reviewed. In English. 1 page 8 x 5 inches, minor tears neatley repaired, in good condition. 81 Harley Street, 21 December 1853. Louis Blanc (1811-1882), French socialist, journalist, politician, historian. In 1847 he published the two first volumes of his Histoire de la Revolution Française. Its publication was interrupted by the Revolution of 1848, when Louis Blanc became a member of the provisional government. At the Revolution of 1848 Blanc escaped with a false passport to Belgium, and then to London. During his stay in Britain he made use of the unique collection of materials for the revolutionary period preserved at the British Museum to complete his Histoire de la Revolution Française 12 vols. (1847–1862).