ZEILLER, Charles René. 17362



A lengthy Autograph Letter Signed, to Monsieur Adami, on botanical matters, varieties, research, with mention of the publication of the first part of Flore fossile (with Bernhard Renault,1888–89), the work on the second part, and much else. In French. 4 pp. 8 x 5 inches, in good condition. Ecole Nationale Superieure des Mines, Paris, 18 December 1890. Charles René Zeiller (1847-1915), French mining engineer and paleobotanist. He studied at the École Polytechnique (1865–67) and at the École nationale supérieure des mines (1867–70), where from 1878 onward, he taught classes in paleobotany. In 1911 he was appointed vice-president of the Conseil général des mines. In 1881 he became a member of the Société botanique de France, later serving as its vice-president (1898) and president (1899 and 1904). The paleobotanical genera Zeilleria, Zeillerisporites and Zeilleropteris commemorate his name.