WRANGEL, Friedrich Graf von. 17856



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Wrangel’, as General-Major in command of the 13th Division at Munster. In German. 1 page 8 x 5 inches, with the integral address leaf (postal markings, Munster postmark). In good condition. Munster, 15 February 1835. Friedrich Heinrich Ernst Graf von Wrangel (1784 –1877) was a Generalfeldmarschall of the Prussian Army. He commanded the 13th Division, with headquarters at Münster in Westphalia, in 1834, when riots occurred owing to differences between the Archbishop of Cologne and the crown, and the determination and resolution with which he treated the clerical party prevented serious trouble. He was promoted to Lieutenant-General, received many honours from the court, enjoyed the confidence of the Junker party, and commanded successively at Königsberg and Stettin.