WOLCOT, John. 20248



Autograph Letter Signed ‘J.W.’, when nearly blind, to “My good friend”, Mr Philips, Bridge Street [Sir Richard Phillips, author, bookseller and publisher], relating to a dispute with J.Walker, the publisher, adding “Pray send me the 3 last Magazines. I have a fable for this month”. 2 pp. 7 x 6 inches, blemishes, one old repair to a corner. With a small engraved portrait of Peter Pindar, by John Opie. 3 February, no year given. “Pray lend me a fine black sturdy fellow to face Walker with the inclosed.” John Wolcot (1738 – 1819), “Peter Pindar”, satirist. In 1793 Wolcot sold the copyright of his existing works to J.Walker, the publisher, Disputes and litigation followed.