WIRGMAN, Thomas. 19440



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Tho:Wirgman’‚ to John Abraham Heraud‚ complaining bitterly that his ‘Divarication’ had not been reviewed‚ for “you surely could have run it down & censured it severely – which would have been far preferable to silent contempt…”‚ written on the blank integral leaf of Wirgman’s two page printed advertisement of his Biographical Sketch of Kant. 2 pp. printed‚ 1 page letter‚ 10 x 8 inches‚ address panel‚ tears‚ small piece torn away with seal removing one or two words only. Timberham Lodge‚ Crawley‚ Sussex‚ 11 July 1831. Thomas Wirgman‚ prolific writer on Kant‚ author of Principles of the Kantesian philosophy. The book referred to in this letter is Divarication of the New Testament into Doctrine and History‚ which (according to Wirgman’s annotation of the printed advertisement here) is founded on Kant’s Critic of Practical Reason. Wirgman tries to explain to his correspondent that Christianity’s ideal is “Sanctity itself; that is the complete supremacy of Reason over the Inclinations”‚ but concludes this letter: “I suppose it is my fate to be trampled underfoot.” John Abraham Heraud (1799 – 1887)‚ poet‚ contributed to various periodicals‚ and published two poems‚ which attracted some attention‚ The Descent into Hell (1830)‚ and The Judgment of the Flood (1834).