WINCHESTER, William Paulet, Marquess of. 18330



Four original signatures, neatly mounted, from the collection of John Thane, and used by him for his plate of William Paulet in Thane’s British Autography. Four signatures, neatly mounted and included in the Enys Collection, formerly in Thane’s Collection. With the published portrait plate with the facsimile signatures beneath. Dated by Thane, 1550, 1551, 1552, 1560. William Paulet, first Marquess of Winchester (1474-1572), statesman, Elizabeth I’s Lord Treasurer. John Thane (1748-1818), print seller and engraver, compiled his British Autography. A Collection of Fac-Similies of the Hand Writing of Royal and Illustrious Personages, with their Authentic Portraits in three volumes in 1793 (with a later Supplement).