WILLIAMS, Sir Monier Monier. 19494



Autograph Letter Signed, to the Revd. A.P.Moor, encouraging him to subscribe to the Oxford Indian Institute. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine. Merton Lea, Oxford, 24 May 1880. Sir Monier Monier Williams (1819-99) devoted almost all his energies to classical Sanskrit, publishing editions of Kalidasa’s plays Vikramorvasi (1849) and Sakuntala (1853), and Nalopakhyanam (1860) from the Mahabharata. He also produced An Elementary Grammar of the Sanskrit Language (1846), which reached a fourth edition in 1876, A Dictionary, English and Sanskrit (1851), a Sanskrit Manual (1862), and a large Sanskrit–English Dictionary (1872; 2nd edn, 1899). His Sakuntala went through many editions, as did his Indian Wisdom (1875), a collection of Sanskrit translations. In addition, he wrote several Hindustani manuals and grammars. He founded the Indian Institute at Oxford to encourage and support research into Indian literature and culture.