WILLIAMS, General Sir William Fenwick. 17066



Autograph Letter Signed, to “My dear Haliburton”, from Woolwich Garrison, making arrangements to meet, referring to the day they met on the eve of his sailing for Halifax. 4 pp. 6 x 4 inches, in good condition. Woolwich, 29 December 1858. General Sir William Fenwick Williams (1800-1883), the defender of Kars. Williams surrendered Kars (a fortified city in Turkish Armenia) to the Russians with honour in November 1855, and went into captivity in Russia. In 1856 he returned to England as a hero and was created baronet “of Kars”. Williams went to Canada as commander of the forces. In 1865 he was given the government of Nova Scotia. “I have marked the 7th proximo in the book of fate, & will take up my lodging for the night, in order to’shoulder my crutch’ upon the campaign across the water!”