WILLARD, Sidney. 18650



Autograph Letter Signed, ro Revd. William Jenks, at the close of Willard’s signed printed Circular generating interest and contributions for a new periodical work to be published in Boston. 2 pp. 10 x 8 inches, with the address panel, light toning only. “University at Cambridge” [Mass.], 20 December 1814. Sidney Willard (1780 –1856), American academic and politician. Willard was the Librarian of Harvard from 1800 to 1805. From 1807 to 1831 he was the Hancock Professor of Hebrew and other Oriental Languages at Harvard College. Willard was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1808. Willard was a member of the Anthology Club, and a founder of The Literary Miscellany, established and edited the American Monthly Review (4 vols., 1832/3), was editor of The Christian Register, contributed to numerous periodicals, and published a Hebrew Grammar (Cambridge, 1817), and Memoirs of Youth and Manhood (2 vols., 1855).