WILKS, Samuel Charles. 12025



Autograph Letter Signed, to Dr. Pye Smith, thanking him for his “Scriptural Geology”, which he has managed to read despite many other duties (including attendance at the deathbed of his eldest son), and commenting on the controversy about “the union which we know does & must exist between the words & the works of God”. 4 pp. 9 x 7½ inches, in good condition, traces of guard. St John’s Wood Road, 2 April 1840. An interesting letter by Samuel Charles Wilks (1789-1872), evangelical clergyman, author, member of the ‘Clapham sect’, who succeeded Zachary Macaulay as editor of the Christian Observer. He acquired much scientific knowledge and maintained, against prevalent religious opinion, many of the new views propounded by geologists. John Pye Smith (1774-1851), non conformist divine, correspondent of Lyell and Darwin, and the author of The Relation between the Holy Scriptures and some parts of Geological Science (1839). “I am not myself much of a geologist; but I know enough to admire & value highly your book; & also the Christian integrity with which you have met difficulties, though I am startled at the extent – I will not say of concession, but of interpretation which you consider requisite to solve them.”