WHITNEY, Flora Payne. 19246



The original Autograph Journal of her travels in Wales, England and Paris, in 1864, signed ‘Flora Payne, Oxford, Sept 17th 1864’, recording her visits to Oxford, London, Winchester, the West Country, the Copper Mines of Cornwall (”the end of the world and the last of England”), Paris and elsewhere. 1 volume, about 260 pages in ink, entirely legible, 8vo, with numerous small engravings and photographs pasted in, some dried plants (including one from Shakespeare’s House), original roan binding in good order, lacking spine, 7 pages of useful commercial addresses at end. 14 September to 4 November 1864 A detailed record of daily events, hotels, galleries, excursions, shopping, historical and geological notes and much else, by the young Flora Payne (1842-1893), destined to be a well known American socialite and philanthropist, originally from Cleveland, Ohio who moved to New York City and married William Collins Whitney, the U.S. Secretary of the Navy.. She was the daughter of Henry B. Payne, a U.S. Senator.