WETHERALL, General Sir George Augustus. 17027



Autograph Letter Signed, to Colonel Hamilton, discussing the interim arrangements for billets during the painting and papering of the Officers Quarters in Salford Barracks. 3 pp.7 x 4½ inches. 9 April 1863. General Sir Augustus Wetherall (1788-1868), Adjutant General in the Crimea. General Wetherall is famous for his services during the rebellion in Canada of 1837/38 during which he was the Commander of the Royals’ 2nd battalion in the Battle of Saint-Charles. After the victory, he and his troops unearthed the Colonne de la liberté, a column erected in Saint-Charles by the Patriotes for the Assembly of the Six Counties, and brought it back as a war trophy to Montreal, along with a number of prisoners.