WAVELL, Archibald, 1st Earl, Viceroy of India. 20117



Autograph Letter Signed ‘A.P.Wavell’, to Sir Buckston Browne, from Headquarters, Pacific Command, Java, about Wavell’s biography of Allenby, and assuring his correspondent that “we shall eventually check and then drive back the Japs”. 2 pp. 10 x 7 inches, fine, with the original envelope with crest of the C-in-C India (official mail received in London 4 March 1942). “HQ SW Pacific Command, Java”, 28 January 1942. Field Marshal Archibald Percival Wavell, 1st Earl Wavell (1883 – 1950) served as Commander-in-Chief, India, from July 1941 until June 1943 (apart from a brief tour as Commander of American-British-Dutch-Australian Command) and then served as Viceroy of India until his retirement in February 1947. On 23 February 1942, with Malaya lost and the Allied position in Java and Sumatra precarious, ABDACOM was closed down and its headquarters in Java evacuated. Wavell returned to India to resume his position as C-in-C India where his responsibilities now included the defence of Burma. Allenby “was a great man and even greater in his post-war work in Egypt, I think, than as a soldier. The story of what he did there has never been told yet and has not been properly appreciated except by Egyptians who knew the part he played. I have drafted chapters on his career in Egypt but heaven knows when they will be published. I have a difficult job here and some dangerous and anxious times ahead, but we shall eventually check and then drive back the Japs. I see they have elected me to the Athenaeum …”