WAUGH, Alexander. 17665



Autograph Letter Signed, to the Revd. John Esqre, Well Street, Hackney, sending some observations on nature by Duncanson of Airdrie, describing his own preaching engagement at Henley, quoting Goldsmith, etc. 1 page 12 x 7 inches, with the address panel, postmarks, minor blemishes and stains. Postmarked 28 July 1797. The banks of the Thames are lovely, but “alas! in what a dead & withered state the peoples minds in regard to the growth of righteousness are said to be”. Alexander Waugh (1754-1827), United Secession minister, one of the original members of the London Missionary Society. He supported a host of other religious and philanthropic bodies, including the British and Foreign Bible Society, the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, the Scottish Hospital, and Mill Hill Academy. He contributed to the Evangelical Magazine and made missionary tours in England, Ireland, Scotland, and France.