VOLPICELLI, Paolo. 7311



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Paul Volpicelli’, to M.Boutigny (Pierre Hippolyte Boutigny, professor of chemistry), then in London, with scientific content, rejoicing in Boutigny’s destiny as a “chymical superintendent”, asking for works on various subjects including “l’orologe polaire”, and sending his regards to Faraday, Wheatstone, Libri, Babbage, De Morgan and Airy. In French. 2 pp. 9½ x 7½ inches, with the address leaf tipped on to part of an old album page, in good condition. Rome, 29 August 1852. A good letter by Paolo Volpicelli (1804-79), Italian mathematician, professor of physics, author of Soluzione completa e generale mediante la geometria di situazione del problema relativo alle corso del cavallo sopra qualunque scacchiere (1872) and other works.