VOLKHOVSKY, Felix. 19766



Autograph Letter Signed ‘F.Volkhovsky’, to Miss Whitehead, Secretary of the Pioneer Club, about a date for his lecture, asking for flexibility about the date because he is negotiating other lectures. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, in good condition. 4 Stamford Brook Road, Hammersmith, London, 7 November 1893. Felix Volkhovsky (1846-1914), Russian revolutionary, journalist and writer. Banished to Siberia, he escaped in 1889 via America. Volkhovsky was involved in ‘Land and Liberty’ and, when that group split in 1879, in ‘The People’s Will’. After escaping from Siberia, he made his way to Western Europe, eventually settling in London. Volkhovsky served as a bridge-builder within the Russian opposition movement and between Russian radicals and the Western European public. “… I should like to secure myself the right to change that date for an earlier one in case it might be emplied [sic] by some new engagement, many of them – for Cornwall & Cambridge, for example – being just now in the period of negociation.”