VICTORIA CROSS. Lieutenant Frederic Brooks Dugdale, Boer War VC. 19436



A lengthy Autograph Letter Signed ‘Frederic’ to his sister Maudie in England, wishing the War would come to an end, currently stuck “as there is 3 or 4 thousand miles of line to hold”, describing an exercise against imaginary Boers, strongly disputing the truth of a despatch by General Roberts about the Battle of Bergendal the previous month. 8 pp. 6 x 4 inches, in good condition, on the headed writing paper of the 5th Lancers. Maritzburg, Natal, 16 September 1900. Frederic Brooks Dugdale VC (1877-1902). He was 23 years old, and a lieutenant in the 5th Lancers (Royal Irish), British Army during the Second Boer War when the following deed took place on 3 March 1901 near Derby, South Africa for which he was awarded the VC. On 3rd March, 1901, Lieutenant Dugdale, who was in command of a small outpost near Derby, having been ordered to retire, his patrol came under a heavy fire at a range of about 250 yards, and a Sergeant, two men, and a horse were hit. Lieutenant Dugdale dismounted and placed one of the wounded men on his own horse; he then caught another horse, galloped up to a wounded man and took him up behind him, and brought both men safely out of action. He was killed in a horse riding accident whilst riding with the North Cotswold Hunt, near Charingworth in Gloucestershire on 13 November 1902. “I was disgusted when I saw Roberts despatch about the Bergendal farm fight on the way to Machadodorp. He talks as if it had been a small skirmish and finishes up by saying he saw several Boers killed by a lyddite shell. It is nothing more or less than an infernal piece of jealousy because he was too late to run it himself and can’t spare any praise for poor old Buller. To talk of one lyddite shell when the whole ground was torn up by them and then covered over by shrapnel cases is beneath contempt …”