VAN BEERS, Jan. 18249



Two autograph notes, each signed, to Sir J.C.Robinson, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, asking for permission to see the works of art under his care, including those at Windsor Castle. Two oblong cards, 2 x 5 inches, written on both sides, with metallic stickers affixed, reading ILLUSION. With an original envelope, forwarded from Buckingham Palace to Harley Street (second stamp affixed, postage due charge deleted). Hotel Bristol, Burlington Gardens, 9 & 19 July 1890. Jean Marie Constantin Joseph “Jan” van Beers (1852 – 1927), Belgian painter and illustrator, the son of the poet Jan van Beers. They are sometimes referred to as Jan van Beers the elder and Jan van Beers the younger. In 1884, Jan Van Beers produced the pen-and-ink sketches for the edition de luxe of his father’s poetry. he became the leader of a group of young artists, the “Van Beers clique.” This group included the artists Piet Verhaert (1852–1908), Alexander Struys (1852–1941), and Jef Lambeaux (1852–1908). They were well known for their mischievous and eccentric behaviour, including walking around Antwerp dressed in historic costumes. 40