TOWRY, Captain G.H., and other Victualling Commissioners, 1806. 19300



Letter Signed by John Marsh, Chairman of the Commissioners of Victualling, and by three Commissioners, George Henry Towry, William Boscawen, R.J.Moody, to the Paymasters General, requesting a list of Regimental Agents. 1 page 12 x 8 inches, folds, in good condition. Victualling Office, 14 June 1806. Captain George Henry Towry (1767-1809) served in H.M.S. Victory (1793-94), commanded H.M.S. Dido in the successful action of 24 June 1795 when the Minerve was captured. Later appointments included H.M.S. Diadem under the orders of Commodore Nelson. William Boscawen (1752-1811), author, translator of the classics, nephew of Admiral Edward Boscawen, was made a Commissioner of the Victualling Office in 1785.