THORNBROUGH, Commander Edward. 6596



Autograph Letter Signed, saying he intends coming to London as soon as he can to sort out matters relating to the estate of the late Mrs.Jennings and other financial matters, and announcing that he has received “a Commission appointing me First Lieut of the Temerara”. 1 page 9 x 7 inches, integral blank leaf, fine. 29 November 1767. Master & Commander Edward Thornbrough (d. 1784), then First Lieutenant on HMS Temeraire. He was later First Lieutenant of H.M.S.Captain (64 guns), flagship of Rear-Admiral John Montagu, and sailed for North America in June 1771 He was first commissioned Lieutenant in 1744 and Master & Commander in 1774, when he was appointed to HMS Tamar, Sloop (16), then on station in North America. He was the father of Admiral Sir Edward Thornbrough (1754-1834).