SVEDBOM, Per Erik & Fredrika. 19737



Two substantial Autograph Letters Signed by P.E.Svedbom and his wife Fredrika, to Benjamin Hawes M.P. and his wife in London, thanking them for their hospitality, with news of their travels to Berlin, etc.,, exclaiming about the revolutions in Europe, recommending the scientific friend who bears these letters.. In French. 2 letters, each 4 pp. 8 x 5 inches, in good condition, with the original envelope. Stockholm, 23 June 1848. Per Erik Svedbom (1811-1857), professor of statistics, educational writer, His works include Clues to the first teaching of the mother tongue in 1843 and Elementary course in the German language in 1848. His contributions to Swedish grammar were considered innovative. In 1843 he published Draft Theorem on the Swedish Language , which was based on a new grammar theory.