SULIVAN, Robert. 12391



Autograph Poem Signed: Thoughts on visiting the monument of a friend who fell at Waterloo (Brussels, 23 November 1835). With two earlier Autograph Letters Signed by Sulivan, one (c.1822) to William Harness, the friend of Byron, and the other to J.Whittaker, discussing literary publications, mentioning Campbell, alluding to Sulivan’s own poem Faithful and Forsaken, its earlier publication in The Album, asking for criticism, etc. Letters 4 pp. 9 x 7 inches, one worn and lightly soiled, the other very good, with the address leaf laid down. The poem 8 stanzas of 4 lines, in good condition. Weybridge and Brussels, 1835 and earlier. Robert Sulivan, poet, author of The Silent River; and Fathful and Forsaken: Dramatic Poems (1824, dedicated to Thomas Campbell), Flittings of Fancy (2 vols. 1837) and other works. “Both Campbell and Mrs. C attacked me about the article you had sent, which they praised so exceedingly that I will fairly confess that I felt too proud of it to differ from their opinion that it might possibly be your own. I did not tell them for a certainty, and will, if you wish to lose the credit of a thing which has raised you so highly in their estimation, swear till I am black in the face that the author is a Turk or a Carib …” [Letter to William Harness]