STANHOPE, Philip, 5th Earl. 17903



Autograph Letter Signed ‘Mahon’, to Mr. Cookesley, flattered by the request for his works for the Eton Boys Library, but regretting that he has had to limit the number of gifts of his published works. 2 pp. 7 x 4 inches, fine. India Board, 21 April 1846. Philip Henry Stanhope, 5th Earl Stanhope (1805 – 1875), styled Viscount Mahon between 1816 and 1855, was a British politician and historian. He held political office under Sir Robert Peel in the 1830s and 1840s. Stanhope became intrigued by the story of the feral child, Kaspar Hauser, a youth who had appeared in Nuremberg in 1828. Stanhope published Tracts Relating to Caspar Hauser (1836, German original 1835).