ST. VINCENT, Admiral John Jervis, Earl. 18816



Original Memorandum Signed ‘St. Vincent’, to Captain Duckworth of HMS Leviathan, instructing him to receive on board George Steel, a Marine, “belonging to His Majesty’s late Ship l’Aigle, and enter him on a separate list for Victuals only, until the Trial for the loss of that Ship is terminated, and on the succeeding day, you are to enter him as part of your Marine Complement”. 1 page 13 x 8 inches, in good condition. HMS Ville de Paris, 8 September 1798. Admiral John Jervis, Earl St. Vincent (1735-1823). L’Aigle was wrecked on 19 August 1798 on Plane Island off Cape Farina, Tunisia, due to an error in navigation. All the crew were saved.