ST. LEGER, Catherine. 15212



Autograph Letter Signed, asking for assistance in suppressing a newspaper report about “Miss Phillips, the young person about to appear at Drury Lane”, being Mrs. St. Leger’s pupil, insisting that Acting can not be taught, fearing scandal. 4 pp. 9 x 7 inches, lightly toned. With a small portrait of Mrs. St. Leger lightly tipped on the final page. 3 Caroline Place, Harwood Place, Hampstead Road, 29 September 1828. A good letter by Catherine St. Leger of the Theatre Royal. “The World knows and cares nothing about how I have spent the last sixteen years of my life, but it will remember there have been periods I could wish to forget, and it would be a source of great regret to me should they operate against the interests of a lovely amiable Child (for she is little more) already labouring under the misfortune of being prematurely dragged before the Public, before her physical and mental powers have reached their natural perfection.”