SPRENGER, Aloys. 15115



Autograph Letter Signed, sending “a specimen of Es-Soyutti’s history of the Khaifs”, discussing this author, agreeing with the suggestion that Es-Soyutti “has written more than many men have read”, and mentioning his own current work. 2 pp. 7 x 4½ inches, in good condition. 13 Belgrave Street, undated. Es-Soyutti “is decidedly in learning the second man in Egypt if not the first. For Makarizi seems hardly to be superior to him.” Aloys Sprenger (1813-1893), orientalist, held various positions in India between 1843 and 1857, including those of principal of the Mahommedan College at Delhi and Persian translator to the government at Calcutta. Sprenger is aiming “to finish the translation with notes from rare historical works as Ibn Kittiar etc in the course of this year.”