SPENCER, Herbert. 20102



Letter Signed ‘Herbert Spencer’, addressed “Dear Sir”, saying he has visited Mr. Trubner’s “and obtained the copy of the review which you requested him to give me”, discussing his acquaintance with Political Economy, glad that the question is being “treated in so scientific a spirit”, etc. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, with signature overleaf, one blank section showing signs of former mounting, otherwise in good clean condition. With a typed transcript. 88 Kensington Gardens Square, 25 September 1865. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), philosopher. “… since writing the essay on ‘State Tampering with Money and Banks’ some seven or eight years ago, I have not had my attention occupied with any questions in ‘Political Economy’. The result is that I feel a little unfamiliar with the various facts and conceptions involved; and it would take me some considerable tiime and thought – more time and thought than I can at present spare from other matters – to make myself quite at home in questions of Trade and Finance … Let me say however that I am glad to see such a question treated in so scientific a spirit, and it seems to me that the positions you lay down (so far as a rapid perusal has possessed me of them) well deserve consideration. Let me add, however, that it strikes me as probable that among the many complex influences cooperating to determine social phenomena, there are probably some that require taking into account as qualifying causes – one being national character, which, as sanguine or cautious, will form different estimates of business risks and insurance. I merely name this as a passing thought, without being quite certain that it affects your conclusion.”