SPENCER, Herbert. 18473



Letter Signed ‘Herbert Spencer’, to Edward Livingston Youmans, the American scientific writer, commenting on letters, amused by the “story of the theological controversy on your way to Liverpool”, referring him to Hinton’s Essays, particularly the essay on Positive Philosophy. 3 pp. 7 x 4 inches, complete, but with unsightly old repairs along the lower edge where a tear has been repaired, and traces of mounting still on the blank final page. 38 Queens Gardens, Bayswater, London, 13 March 1879. Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), philosopher. Edward L.Youmans (1821-1887), American scientific editor and writer, author of “Herbert Spencer on the Americans and the Americans on Herbert Spencer” (New York, 1884). Spencer hopes Youmans has had a calm passage back to America, despite local gales, and wonders whether he has “got rid of your markings” by now. Edward L.Youmans has added a pencil annotation explaining the “markings”: “I had fallen on the London pavement and much disfigured my face. E.L.Y.” “Spencer writes: “I took up at the Athenaeum a day or two ago a volume of Hinton’s Essays. If you can get a sight of it you will find in the essay on the Positive Philosophy some passages which will serve admirably in your controversy with the theologians.”