SOLOMON, Solomon J. 6696



Autograph Letter Signed, to Mrs.Lucas, thanking her for the excursion, “that I should have been accompanied by so charming a chaperone far exceeded my hopes”. 2 pp. 6 x 4 inches, second leaf mounted on part of an old album page, in good condition. 31 August 1903. Solomon Joseph Solomon (1860–1927), painter. Solomon exhibited for the first time at the Royal Academy in 1881 and began to make a name for himself as a portraitist and as a painter of biblical, mythological, and genre subjects. In 1910 he published a book, The Practice of Oil Painting and Drawing. During the First World War Solomon helped the French with their work on camouflage and to set up a British camouflage section in Flanders. Two years later he set up a camouflage school in Kensington Gardens, London, working on concealment from the air of very large areas of terrain. His book Strategic Camouflage was published in 1920.